Whats the Buzz on Rosin……?

Has B.H.O. hit the peak and now this Rosin Tech is taking over?

Everyone can do it, no big $$$ needed, just take your old ladies Hair straightener and use it then put it beck in the drawer, she will never know.

I have seen guys leaving Walmart with $20 hair straightener, then posting on YouTube standing on them or even putting in a vice.

The table top press is the next best press method.



First you will ask what is Rosin...

Rosin is a solid form of resin that is obtained by adding heat and pressure.


For the best yield ……


Make sure your heat  is not too hot or to cold;

If your starting product isn’t that good your yields wont be either;( this goes for all extraction methods)

The final variable is your pressure, make sure there is enough for the right amount of time.


Step 1: Pick a Flower

The first step is to get yourself a nice Flower.  Its important it fits in your heat press properly.

Step 2: Set the Temperature

The whole process of Rosin Tech is applying heat and pressure to the Flower to extract the oil. The temperature needs to be between 310-350 degrees F. Be very specific with the temperature as overheating will result in damaging the chemistry of the oil and under heated won’t yield the most Rosin.Higher temps press more oil out faster, but will be a darker and sappy product, depending on technique. Test different temps to see what works best for you

Step 3: Prep the Parchment

Take parchment paper and cut it in 4”x 8” rectangles. Fold it in half and place your Flower inside. Parchment paper has density and stability therefore it is both heat resistance and, due to low surface tension, imparts anti-stick or release qualities. This ensures the oil that is released will not be absorbed by the paper.

Step 4: Apply Pressure

Place the folded parchment paper between the straightener and press the straightener. When you hear a sizzle – stop. The heat and pressure both extract all oils from the Flower.


Step 5: Scrap your Rosin

Open up the paper and let it dry. Once it has cooled off, use a dabber or metal scrapper to accumulate your rosin.


Works with all Bud, Kief, Dry Sift, Flower, Bubble Hash.



this is a cut and paste from other sources