Since Amazon and ebay do not sell the good stuff. Amazon globe atomizer

Well Amazon is at its spring cleaning, pulling all 1 ml cartridges for Bud touch and o pen style pens, they say the DEA is hounding them but we all know better than that. So if your my normal customers and buy on Ebay or Amazon, Just buy from our site with payment by amazon and with paypal.

Soon to be using for credit card orders as well.

We have bud touch pens that we get from the same manufacture that makes the bud touch pens and cartridges and they make the same pens for open and Bang as well. No USA companies hold patents on the pen technology so china is fare game with giving everyone the same deal. Kinda scandalous but its the retail name of the game, race to the bottom.

We have 1ml o pen, cartridges, 1ml bud touch cartridges, and they don’t just fit those brands they will fit all 510 thread battery’s.

we also have glass globe atomizers that were killing it on amazon but now they pulled them, so if you were buying the glass globe atomizers on amazon , or the glass globe atomizer with ceramic coils on amazon, we have the same deals on our site. Gift box and all.


Shipping is free on the site to all USA customers, and that everything from closed loop extractors, to rosin presses, press plates and controllers. Everything….

Glass globe atomizers on amazon are a no go for the time being but we will try again and see how long till the shoot us down.