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  • Huge Yields!! Now you can pressurize your extraction tube letting the solvent fully marinate.
  • Large Extraction Tubes, 50 Micron Screens, SS Ball Valves Pressurized oil blast tube with stainless steel valve system.
  • Now you can pressurize your blast tube with solvent, close off the top and bottom valve and let your solvent fully marinate.
  • These tubes can be open blasted by hand. Open blasted with our  stand,or attached inline with our closed loop reclaim system. (sold separately)
  • Can be used with Cans of Solvent. Using by hand. Or using a Can tapper. All systems can be attached to our closed loop systems.

Closed Column 120g pressurized Distillation Equipment

Closed Column 60g w/ Hands Free Stand pressurized Distillation Equipment

Pressurized Closed Loop system 250G Passive

GLASS DS XL 150G distillation equipment Glass Pressurizer


  • German Schott Glass, Thick Heavy Glass, NEW LOGO Beaker design
  • 1 Year Glass Warranty
  • Unique design with Super Fine 50 micron 316 stainless steel filter creates amazing quality!
  • (2-4) 50 Micron Mesh Screens Full Instructions
  • 40 gram oil tube. Free oil vials. FREE Silicone Contianer WITH EVERY PURCHASE

open blast or closed loop , we got you covered