Open Blast tubes , we all started with them. Extraction Tube, BHO tube…

I love how anytime you mention open blast everyone bashes.


I remember 25 years ago blasting in the back yard with a Gatorade bottle.

Then we moved to PVC, we all stated off cheap and ghetto fabulous.

SO there will always be a spot for open blast tubes.

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Its a starting point then you can save up for your closed loop system, lots of company’s are killing it with Stainless bho tubes, bhombtubes , has a large following and sell a 24″ tube and stand close to what a closed loop system cost from me.


Why? its easy to open blast, not many maintenance parts to buy, cheap to blast with store bought butane cans. Extraction Experts also kill it with glass tubes.


SO open blasting, extraction tubes will be around forever, BLAST AWAY….


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