Ebay and Amazon on lock down for extraction tubes, atomizers and even silicone goods.

Well the two big sales platforms are on lock down for this industry, you cant have closed loop extractors, bho tubes, b.h.o. tubes, butane hash oil tubes, hash oil tube, silicone dab mat, wax jar, wax container, closed loop distiller, open blast tube, glass tube, o.pen cartridges, vape cartridges, glass globe atomizers.

Was off the chain busy from the two sites and now they say the DEA is monitoring the sites for distribution of drug paraphernalia, Even though the definition and even on the dea site states it has to be used in reference to an illegal substance. Then on top of it they have the people who live in a shack in India answering calls so you can get a real answer they run you in circles.

well an air freshener tube is a tube that housed air freshener until you put crack in it, then its a crack pipe.

So even a silicone jar, just labeled as a silicone jar no reference to anything is still prohibited.

A glass extraction tube is allowed, but not a stainless steel extraction tube, since ebay states glass pipes to smoke out are OK, but metal are not allowed.

Do you smoke out of a stainless steel bho extraction tube.


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