Dab Mats

Silicon Dab Mats

Concentrates can get very sticky, which is why you will want to invest in a food grade quality silicon mat. Our dab mats are heat resistant to 480 degrees, reusable, oil resistant and shatter resistant. These dab mats are ideal for those of you who want to stop losing product in your glass dish.

Food Grade Silicone Over Reinforced Mesh

Since you, or someone you know, is planning on using your hash oil later you will want to invest in some dab mats that are made of food-grade silicon. Our bho mats come in a variety of sizes ranging from 4” small round mats to large 18” x 28” mats. This allows you to use them for many different sized containers, as well as protection for your work station.

Non-Stick Silicone Mats

When you are working with concentrates, having something nonstick is extremely important. You want a product that will be able to stay clean, and handle any mess that may come. 710 Snobs can trust in our silicone dab mats, and can expect many, many uses. The 8” x 11” mats are great for use in containers, while the extra large 18” x 28” is great for protecting your work surface.

For more information about our BHO Extractors, Dab Containers or Dab Mats please contact us.

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