Rayotek Sight Windows

SAFETY Rayotek Sight Window Products are fabricated and tested to exceed industry standards. As dependable as Rayotek Sight Window Products are, pressure and vacuum systems are inherently dangerous and thus proper caution must be practiced when using Sight Windows. If not installed and/or used properly Sight Windows can be dangerous. Suggested Precautions: Installation must be […]

Hydrocarbon extraction

Hydrocarbons are some of the most efficient extraction solvents available on the market. Unfortunately, there is confusion and misinformation surrounding their safety. After reviewing Butane, Isobutene, and Propane in their pure form, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has placed these ingredients on the list of direct food substances affirmed as “Generally Recognized As Safe” […]

budtouch1ml (4)

Since Amazon and ebay do not sell the good stuff. Amazon globe atomizer

Well Amazon is at its spring cleaning, pulling all 1 ml cartridges for Bud touch and o pen style pens, they say the DEA is hounding them but we all know better than that. So if your my normal customers and buy on Ebay or Amazon, Just buy from our site with payment by amazon […]