Hydrocarbon Extractor

Butane Honey Oil Extractors

Creating butane honey oil can be a delicate process. In order to create a superior product you need to achieve the correct temperatures, pressures and vacuum. That’s where inferior products will get you. Without the proper procedures you will end up with products that have flaws, and won’t achieve the results you are looking for during use.

At 710 Snob we believe in achieving very high quality products. Which is why you will find that our BHO Extraction Kits feature products that are conformed to both FDA and AMS specifications. We want products that are approved for food and laboratory standards because you don’t want your butane honey oil to be filled with contaminants.

BHO Extractor With FDA Approved Materials

Our 710 Snob Master Blaster 12” Extraction Kit comes with a 12” stainless steel tub, with state of the art flanges, stainless steel tri clamps, medical grade steel screens, hand milled end caps and gaskets that are unaffected by most corrosive liquids, vapors and gases. Simply put, the BHO Extraction Kits we have for sale are made of high quality, durable materials.

Clean Assembled and Ready to Go

Our hash oil extraction kits come clean assembled, without contaminants, and ready to use. The amount of material that can be used at once depends greatly on the grind of the product. With more surface area of the product you will get more of the good stuff released. Make sure to break down large pieces, and don’t pack it too tightly.

For more information about our BHO Extractors, Dab Containers or Dab Mats please contact us.

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