Superior  Material Processing Equipment 

 20 pound ASME Made in USA Racked System

ASME Systems are now available in our racked design.

simple easy to use with USA quality parts from top to bottom.

We took all the previous styles and options in consideration when we had these designed,engineered and Welded in the USA.


Superior  Material Processing Equipment

When it comes to Material Processing Equipment quality absolutely matters. Without it you can end up with glass breakage, filtration issues, blow-outs, contamination and durability problems. Frankly, no one has time to mess with wasted product, and cleanup. With that in mind, went out to find a superior product; one where these concerns would be very limited. What we found was that stainless steel still produces the product you are looking for, and doesn’t suffer from all of the problems commonly associated with oil extraction.

Our closed loop extractors solve the issues with wasting your butane and is the greener choice.  Some states don’t allow open blasting with our open extraction tubes so the closed loop systems solve a few other issues as well. Stainless steel Extractors will last a lifetime with the only servicing parts being the gaskets. All of the maintenance items are also available in our store, so it is easy to keep your Butane extractors blasting that sweet honey oil.

Our Master Blaster extractors are designed to withstand the pressures of oil extraction. Our systems are also built with FDA Approved food quality materials.  All of out extractors come with Viton or Ptfe Gaskets. These products are specifically designed to handle materials that are ingested, and provide you with a clean end product. 710 Snob open blast extractors can be used on our closed loop systems if you plan to upgrade in the future.

What Kind of Oil Can Master Blasters Extract

The type of oil you extract really depends on what you are looking for. Master Blasters can be used to extract essential oils, if you are into medicinal healing, or they can be used to extract Butane Honey Oil. In fact, our silicone products excel at handling sticky products like BHO. Take a look at our Dab Mats, Dab Containers and BHO Extractors (Master Blasters).


Rosin tech plates are MADE IN MONTANA and meet the demand of a heavy duty press plate.

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